Earlyact and Interact

As you know we have Rotary sponsored programs, Interact and Earlyact, as part of the opportuniƟes for
leadership development at Baden Powell College. I am constantly in awe of the level of social responsibility
shown by the students involved in these programs and equally of the development in project management skills I
see over the course of a year. The students learn skills in project development, markeƟng and public
relaƟons through team work, and, in turn gain enormous saƟsfacƟon in making a posiƟve difference for
people in need in the community. On behalf of the Community Team of the Earlyact Club I am asking
you to collect some boƩle tops! These boƩle tops will be then donated to an organisaƟon called Envi‐
sion who then turn the boƩle tops into prostheƟc hands that are donated to people in developing
countries like Cambodia. Envision is a small community focused organisaƟon that works in Victoria and Tasmania
engaging disadvantaged job seekers in projects that get them moƟvated and ready for work. The use of 3D Printers
with the right plasƟc enables all this to happen. So we need all your boƩle tops that have the A2 symbol of a
triangle inside the lid of the boƩle top.