The Year 7 Excursion to the 100 Story Building

The following questions were answered by a few Year 7s that were a part of the excursion. The answers were merged to create an overall combined response.

The questions included:

- What did you learn?
'We learnt about the structure and how to create a story/comic based on our imagination and legends, and to always have a positive attitude. We were also taught about how effective comics can be through the power of illustrations. Another thing we learnt was to create our own characters and add it to our own story. We also learnt how to draw a lion'

- What was your favourite activity?
'All of the students' favourite activities included;
Creating their own comic book, drawing up a map and setting, watching the movie and creating and drawing their own fictional characters.

- What were the pros and cons?
The pros included learning with fun, there was a lot of enthusiasm, the person running the session was a good drawer, using your imagination and the movie choice. The cons were that there was only one activity, and the level was possibly not as advanced as it could have been. The responses above were by the following students: Adrian, Omar, Lachlan, Rahil, Akur, Jai, Masooma, Aliza, Maveem and Rija.

In the second week of term three, the Year 7 and their English teachers caught a train to the 100 Story Building and watched the movie ‘Ant Man and The Wasp’ at the Sun Theatre. This excursion enabled the students in English
by educating them on the illustration and creation of characters as well as how personality can impact a story. The following responses were by the English teachers and the students who participated in this event:
What did you find interesting/the most enjoyable?

Ms Gatti:
‘I liked the displays and bookshelves, as well as the physical features of the building. I also loved the way the people helped the kids’

Ms Anile:
‘I loved how the person who ran the session was a cartoonist, illustrator and an author, which was helpful to the session. Also, every idea was used, and every story was considered valid, not dismissing anybody’s thoughts.’

Ms Hamilton:
‘The best and most interesting thing that happened was the way the students learnt to create protagonists and antagonists. I also liked how the hosts of the lesson used an interactive screen which helped the students focus and understand, as well as the way the students came up with the ideas.’

Ms Bugeja:
‘I really loved the workshops and also the layout of the room; it was setup in a very interesting but nice way.’

2. What were the pros and cons?
Ms Gatti:
'The pros were that we took a train to get there, they could have a bit of experience with public transport, as well as we also spent a lot of time with the group and worked together. There weren't any cons, apart from the fact that a few kids were disengaged, but it was overall great.'

Ms Anile:
'The change of scenery was great, as well how we got to travel on public transport and see interesting parts of town. I t was also good to get in tough with other programs.'The only downside was how the organization of the day was a bit tricky'

Ms Hamilton:
'The strategies in which they taught the students not only taught the kids, but it also taught the teachers and it gave us more ways to teach kids. They also used a lot of pictures and images to help the students understand, however, it would have been more efficient if the session was longer and the kids could complete their work'

Ms Bugeja:
The behavior of all of the students were fantastic and so was the movie. It was also great for the students to get a taste of public transport. Personally, there was nothing bad about the excursion.'