Values for June: Feelings

Our slogan for this value is “Dealing with Feelings”. Most of the problems that we deal with at school start with someone either intentionally or unintentionally hurting the feelings of another person. We have a very successful Peer Mediation Program where students trained as mediators are out in the playground and do a fine job helping to resolve situations that often start with hurt feelings, and then escalate into unsatisfactory responses to these feelings. Sometimes young children have trouble explaining why they feel sad or angry and that quiet talk with a trusted adult is needed to sort out situations. Many times this happens at home and I ask that know if your child is feeling unhappy and disconnected to school please let us know and we can help rectify this without too much trouble. The complexity that inappropriate messages on Social Media adds to our work cannot be underestimated. We seek your help with monitoring your child’s use of Social Media as many problems occur outside of school hours and too much time inside school hours is spent working with our young people to repair hurt feelings.