Values for March: Self Awareness

Value- March-Respect

The College Value that we will be teaching in March and April is Respect. There will be a focus on treating others with consideration to their point of view and always demonstrating manners and courtesy as a means of being a socially acceptable person. Our slogan is “Marching on with Manners”. You can help by talking about respectful behaviour and what it looks and feels like at home, with friends and with significant adults. As adults I do believe that we must always model respectful behaviour if we are to receive it from children. From time to time we have situations whereby children use comments that are offensive because they are racist and please be aware that we do not tolerate racism in any form at our College. We are proud to have cultural diversity and have children from over 60 different language groups all happily mixing, learning and playing together. We understand that our hearts and brains are in fact the same colour regardless of the colour of our skin and I expect that our thinking and feelings will always reflect our values of tolerance and respect for all.