Great Savings for our Families and the Broader Community

Baden Powell College would like to help you save money on many of your family purchases and bookings, whether it be a holiday, an event or simply buying perfume. For only $24.95+gst your membership will last for twelve months from when you sign up. Just imagine a year of savings.

All you have to do is log onto and you will see the discounts available. You can experience a two day trial from when you sign up and if you don't wish to continue just cancel.

The site is often updated with more rewards as they come in, restaurants will be added in the month of August.  Please tell your friends and families to share the link on their social media pages so that everyone can enjoy the savings.

Every membership bought earns our College $10. This money will go towards the beautification and improvement of our sporting facilities at each campus. Please help us improve our students’ resources.