Keeping You Informed on College Events

I do understand the concern that is felt and wanted to reassure you that we are doing everything to adhere to Education Department expectations. We want to see your child at school unless s/he is unwell and if that is the case please notify us as per usual practice.

We understand and respect that some families are keeping children home as a precaution related to extenuating circumstances.

Should the Education Department close our College we have a plan in place to provide work for our students. Closure would usually occur should there be an incident of a student or teacher diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

However the following planned College events are postphoned:
* Year 5-9 Parent Teacher Conferences
* College Prep-4 Information Evening
* All excursions and incursions.  Please note that payments made will be carried over.

As I keep saying Baden Powell College is open for business!! We remain committed to providing purposeful education for your children so hope to see them at school.
We will keep you up to date as time goes on.
 Julie Mason
College Principal.