Important information for the 2021 school year

In 2021 we are aligning our start and finish times at both campuses – the school day will start at 8:45 am and finish at 3:00 pm.

Dear Parents and Carers 

Please remember to plan accordingly as we align our start and finish times at both campuses.

As endorsed by our College Council the dates for 2021 Curriculum Days are as follows:

Friday June 11

Monday November 1

We have made our Curriculum Days for 2021 to connect to public holidays to allow families to get away and have a holiday break.  Please make note of the dates for 2021. School Council have also endorsed an early dismissal 1:00 pm on Thursday June 24 for Parent Teacher Interviews.

Thank you for the support you have given us in such a challenging year.  We would never have imagined what this year would bring and have learned a lot as a result.  Our staff have done an exceptional job during the rounds of remote learning and worked hard to provide continuity of learning in challenging circumstances.  I am sure you join me in acknowledging this and sincerely thanking them. 

If you would like any information regarding remote learning please refer to the Remote Learning Section under Curriculum.

Your children have shown great resilience and adapted to the challenges better than we could hae imagined.  Well done to all of them for their efforts and achievements.  

Warm Regards  Vicki Minton Principal