From the Principal

A very warm welcome to Baden Powell College, the name for the two schools, Derrimut Heath Primary School campus and Tarneit Prep-Year 9 campus.

Regardless of whether or not your child is enrolled at Derrimut Heath or Tarneit P - 9 the approach to education is the same. The staff are providing supportive timely and appropriate learning opportunities for your child in his or her educational and social development.

The staff at Derrimut Heath and Tarneit Prep – 9 are committed to the provision of excellent educational opportunities for your child.  We ask that you form a partnership with us to ensure that your child is happy and comfortable with the general school environment and is an excited, enthusiastic learner. The provision of learning in an environment where students from Prep-Year 9 grow and learn in a seamless manner is an exciting new concept in state education. Your child need not have the same issues and concerns with transition to secondary school often experienced by students leaving primary school at the end of Year 6.

In joining our school community I ask two things of you as a parent, be informed and be involved. The learning journey for children is enhanced significantly when parents know about school curriculum, activities, programs and projects and where you have developed a positive relationship with your child’s teachers.

At Derrimut Heath PS and Tarneit Prep-Year 9 a fortnightly newsletter, our Compass communication portal, assemblies, regular scheduled parent teacher interviews and many opportunities to come to school for information evenings ensure that you are kept informed.


How can you be involved? Well the opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Assisting in education programs, gardening, sports coaching, decision making, cultural activities, or joining a committee to name but a few come to mind.

I ask only that every family commits to an educational partnership in some tangible way. Ensuring that your child is literate and numerate, has pleasing social skills and receives timely emotional support will be so much easier to deliver with your support. We plan to provide educational experiences to ensure that your child learns to his/her personal best at all times. The strength of our college will be reflected in the strength of each home school partnership developed by your family and our staff.

The strength of our college is the strong commitment of teachers and parents working together to providing the best possible educational opportunities for our children. When you join our school community I know you will want to be fully involved and I very much look forward to working with you and your child in the future.


Vicki Minton
College Principal