College Council

The Baden Powell College Council is comprised of the Principal and 17 elected members of the College community. There are 8 parents, 5 DEECD employees, 2 co-opted members and 2 students who bring special expertise to the council.

The College Council generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6.00pm and new parents are encouraged to express an interest by contacting either the Principal or College Council President to discuss and find out more about the role.

College Council has the responsibility of developing and reviewing the long term.

Strategic Plans, as well as financial management and maintenance and development of school buildings and grounds. The sub committees of College Council are Finance and Education.  These committees are generally chaired by a college councillor and encourage on the participation of parents and staff members to provide valuable community input and support school programs and learning outcomes.

Elections for half of the council positions are held in March and parents are strongly encouraged to support their children and the school community by becoming involved with the College Council or a subcommittee.  The effectiveness of the College Council in improving policies and programs is dependent on the enthusiasm of councillors we have and the support we get from the parent community.  We have an excellent council.  To maintain the current high level of dedication and excellence we would welcome any inquiries by parents. 

Please give College Council your consideration.