Accessing Reports

A How-to Guide on Viewing Reports

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is our vision that Compass will be an invaluable tool to increase the speed and ease with which parents and the
school are able to communicate with each other. This will enable us all to provide the maximum possible support for
your child.

There are a wide range of features on Compass, which will be turned on over the remainder of this year and into
next year, as staff are educated on how to use them. As each module becomes active, you will be informed so that
you can begin to use these new features.

Upcoming modules include: booking parent teacher interviews, receiving positive feedback about your child’s
performance at school, receiving notes and providing online consent for events.

The module that we would like to draw your attention to this time is viewing reports.

Once you have logged into Compass, this is the home page that you will see:

To access your child’s report, simply click on “View Academic Reports.”
Your child’s reports can be seen from here. You are able to print them if you desire.
For a more detailed overview of the features of Compass, see the “BPC_Parent_Brochure” file on our school’s

We trust that you will walk with us in this journey of learning how to use Compass so that we are each able to offer
maximum support to your child in a timely manner.

If you have any difficulties with using Compass, please contact the office at the Derrimut Heath Campus, or the Tarneit Campus.