Resource Smart Model

ResourceSmart AuSSI Vic Core Module

Derrimut Heath Primary School opened in 1992 and is located 30 kilometres west of the GPO in Hoppers Crossing. Current enrolment is over 500 students from Prep to Year 6. In 2008 a new campus of Derrimut Heath Primary School, Tarneit campus, opened to cater for students from Prep to Year 9 and is located at Baden Powell Drive, Tarneit.

To reflect our status as a two campus school we saw the formation of Baden Powell College. The college is named after Harold Llewellyn Baden Powell who had the ultimate respect for family values and education, as well as a wonderful commitment to his community.

Our college community values education and shares a common vision of the future “Looking Forward, Staying Ahead”. It is committed to providing students with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to be effective members and leaders of our society. Our mission is “Educating our community through the provision of leading edge educational services, products and practices”.

At Baden Powell College, our school works together to understand and improve sustainability in day-to-day operations, curriculum and community. We reduce our impact on the Earth in order to produce a clean, safe and healthy environment and preserve resources for future generations.

Our Sustainability Goals:

  • To develop an environmentally conscious culture at Baden Powell College and its surrounding community.
  • To minimise landfill waste to 0.3m3 per student per year and increase the percentage of material that is reused, recycled    and composted.
  • To reduce the amount of energy to 400kWh, 1.4GJ and 0.6 tonne CO2-e per student per year through smarter practices and greater efficiency as well as working towards using carbon neutral energy sources.
  • To increase the biodiversity and habitat quality score of the school grounds by planting indigenous species and increasing the habitat area for local wildlife.
  • To minimise the consumption of mains water to 4KL per student per year through the improvement of plumbing systems and water conservation programs.
  • To introduce ‘green purchasing’ procedures for the school community in order to reduce environmental impacts and educate the community on making environmentally friendly choices for life.