School Devices Program

Our School Devices Program

“Technologies that facilitate the co-creation of knowledge or those that encourage self-discovery and personalised learning opportunities are especially valuable in providing stimulation and creativity to all learners. Using these, students and teachers can access new knowledge, communicate with experts outside the College and tap into resources across geographical boundaries, as well as collaborate with parents and the local community.”

Our school has heavily invested in our school network at both campuses (Derrimut and Tarneit) with hardware, software, teaching tools, interactive panels, and digital technologies program to support the new Victorian Curriculum model. Digital technologies are catered for at both campuses with a variety of devices that correlate with our school curriculum, also our school infrastructure of a multicampus allows students to collaborate with digital learning and media streaming across both campuses.  


Information Resource Centre (IRC) plays an integral part of Baden Powell's information hub as our central communications point in which both campuses have an extensive catalog of books, e-books, cameras, video production equipment, drones, iPads, computer labs, media equipment (professional media systems used as an industry standard) and a wide array of Wireless Access Points (WAPs) in all rooms and open areas.

Baden Powell has partnered with Centrecom Technologies to offer parents an affordable option for a student notebook to accommodate with your child’s learning and progression onto senior education. It is vital that Parents take up on our school devices program to enhance and further develop your student's skills onto the progression of senior studies.

Our Technology Program

Prep students:

  • In 2018, prep students will have access to a bank of iPads available in their classroom.

Grade 1 to 6 and Year 8 and 9:

  • In 2018, students in grade 1 to grade 6 and our year 8 and 9 will have an option to purchase their own 1 to 1 notebook through Centrecom.
  • Students in grade 1 to 6 will have a class set of computers (1:5 ratio) that the school will provide.
  • Students in year 8 will have a class set of computers (1:3 ratio) that the school will provide.
  • Year 9 students will have a one to one school computer allocated to them; however this device will not be able to go home.

Year 7 students:

  • In 2018 Year 7 students will be asked to purchase a notebook through Centrecom as part of their booklist.
  • Students in Year 7 will not have a class set of computers allocated to their year level

Important information about supplier – Centrecom

  • Centrecom are our preferred supplier for the personal purchase of our selected notebook. They provide a range of options that can be tailored to family needs.
         School Identification Code: BPC3029
  • Centrecom's online portal is accessible via

Click here to access Centrecom Portal