School Devices FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Personal Devices

Which year levels will the Personal Device program affect?

  • All students in all year levels will have an opportunity to purchase
  • All year 5-9 students are required to purchase a Personal Device through our suppliers (CentreCom)

Students have 2 Options:

Option 1

  1. Purchase a recommended device from our suppliers (CentreCom)

Option 2

  1. Have access to a school shared device. These devices are limited and students may not be able to access them all the time. This is not available to our year 7-9 students.


How will laptops be used in classes?

Some of the things that students will be able to do include:

  • View tutorial, learning tasks, text solutions etc. which are now often included on CDs that accompany textbooks.
  • Use dedicated software to complete subject tasks.
  • Use Google Apps for Education (GAFE) 
  • Use the internet to complete research or to use on-line learning activities.
  • Use a complete office suite to create and edit documents.
  • Engage in creative activities and explore new ways to present their work and analyse information.
  • Download documents such as homework sheets, revision sheets and past exams from the college’s Intranet.
  • Use email facilities and other collaborative spaces to enhance communication between teachers & students.
  • Incorporate new software as it becomes available.


What are the teacher expectations for the devices in class?

  • Students will be expected to bring their school device and have access to Google Apps for Education (GAFE) account.


Please Note:


Will the purchase of a School Device mean my child can use e-books instead of hardcopy textbooks?

  • Currently the Book Suppliers do not publish all of the textbooks we use as E-books and in most cases, where they do, they do not represent a cost saving to parents. Students will be able to load the CDs that come with many current textbooks, onto their devices which will allow them to carry fewer books in their bags.
  • When the availability of E-book alternatives expands to cover our college textbooks parents will be given the alternatives to purchase these instead of the hardcopy versions.


What things should I consider when purchasing a School Device through the school provider?

  • As your child moves through Years 5-9 there is an increasing need to complete tasks on a laptop. Students who have a Personal Device will have this access at school and home.
  • Parents will be responsible for the insurance component of the device.
  • Buying a device through our recommended supplier will get you a device that is guaranteed to connect to the college’s network, has the required specifications, comes with already loaded software and has warranty which enables it to be repaired (in most cases). 


What technical support can students expect from the colleges IT Technician Team?

The following support will be provided:

  • Connecting to the college network
  • Connecting to the internet at college
  • Windows Updates deployed onsite
  • Application deployment onsite
  • Connecting to college printers
  • Google Apps for Education (GAFE)
  • Software issues with college issued applications
  • Configuration of students’ college email account.


Who do I ask if I have further questions?


Full details of the program will be posted on the college’s website: or alternatively, you can contact the school.