Years 7 to 9


What does our Learning Community value?

  • Students are trusted to be partners and owners of their education.
  • Engagement and enjoyment of school are valued just as much as academic success.
  • The College’s curriculum and instruction is responsive to the students in its care.


What happens in home-group and Personal Growth classes?

  • Your child will meet with their homeroom teacher every morning for independent reading and any administrative information. This person is the first point of contact for families and students with any concerns or questions.
  • Students will undertake 150 minutes of Personal Growth per week, which includes:
  • Health
  • Thinking Skills
  • Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships


How do we communicate with families?


We have regular, ongoing communication with families, please see our communication tools below.  

  • Compass

  • Progress and Semester Reports

  • Published Learning Tasks

  • Phone calls home

  • Individual Education Plan meetings

  • Student Support meetings

  • Information evenings

  • Meet and Greet opportunities

  • Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Termly Newsletters

  • Parents and Friends meetings


What is meant by ‘Learning Tasks’?
This is how a variety of tasks and assessments are referred to on Compass. Learning Tasks are set by teachers are uploaded to Compass. There will be a description of the task set. When the task has been submitted and marks, feedback will be given. This can be scores, written comments or statements such as “At expected level”. Some of these Learning Tasks will make up the semester reports. This is how they appear on Compass. Click the name of the task for more information.