In 2016, just over 6 million people across Australia volunteered in some capacity within their community.  This unit is designed for people who would like to dedicate some of their time to helping others in the community.  Students will be asked to identify areas they feel able to make a valuable contribution.  Students who would like to mentor younger students in learning, act as peer mediators, develop facilities at the school, act as role models, raise funds for charity events and contribute to improvement of Baden Powell College’s community should choose this unit.


Have you ever wondered how to manage your personal finances more efficiently? Have you ever thought about how markets like ‘Rubble and Riches’ work, and why one stall will be more successful than another? How about how prices are set for products that you purchase such a pizza or a can of Coke? If you have wondered about how these things work then this is the course for you.

In this course you will look at the following aspects of economics and business.

  • What is economics about and how does it relate to a business?
  • How decisions are made by people buying things in a market.
  • How sellers make decisions about what they are going to sell

and why.

  • How the price of goods in a market influence people to either

buy or sell in that market.

  • How advertising can influence people’s choice of what is


  • How governments can influence the behaviour of people either buying or selling in a market.

  • How some aspects of the law can influence a person’s choice when either buying or selling goods.

How you can successfully run a small stall at a market or get involved in running a small sporting club.


The aim of this unit is to actively engage students in learning about food in a variety of settings, enabling them to evaluate the relationships between food, technology, nutritional status and the quality of life. Students will gain the ability to design, produce and evaluate in situations involving food. Students will develop confidence and proficiency in their practical interactions with and decisions regarding food.  


Australians have developed an obsession with travelling over the seas to other countries.  Our natural isolation in the southern hemisphere fosters a desire to learn more about the people, places, landscapes, natural beauties, customs and landmarks of distant worlds.  This unit is designed for the curious ones amongst us, who would like to learn more about what makes us similar and what makes us different to other places on earth.


Confucius say “Study the past if you would define the future.”  Every aspect of our daily lives is a result of many, many decisions made beforehand.  This unit is for those who seek to understand the aspects of history that have shaped our world today and will continue to shape it into the future.  Students are able to choose from a wide array of time periods, ranging from Caesar’s Senate to ANZAC Gallipoli, or Ancient China to Polynesian Expansion. 


That’s Amore (This is love)!

This course is an exciting blend of drama, film-making and the Italian language.

You will produce your own short film, by writing a script, rehearsing, dressing-up, filming and editing. You will make use of the green-screen and high-quality cameras to put yourselves in front of a variety of scenes. You will also learn to use advanced editing software.

Many skills, and lots of fun!


Today’s generation is the first to be fortunate enough to be digital natives, as opposed to digital learners.  Baden Powell College is an environment that is rich in technological equipment.  Students who choose this choice subject will be able to develop their own digital knowledge and expertise and begin to share this with other community members, such as teachers and younger students.  This unit is for those of us who would like to explore the advancement of technology further.


In this elective you will have the opportunity to develop skillsets in 2D and 3D animation. You will also have the opportunity to work in studio and on location situations, learning to use different technologies: cameras, microphones, lighting, sound and editing software to create collaborative and self-driven projects.


For those who might foresee a future in marketing and advertising, this unit is for you.  Advertising operates across a wide variety of media platforms, including print, online, radio and television.  In this unit, you will be able to study existing advertisements and use this knowledge to create your own.


This unit is designed for students who are keen to develop a passion in one instrument, or be exposed to a wide variety of musical instruments.  Students will be able to develop an understanding of musical concepts and learn to master the art of performing with a musical instrument. 


This unit is written for those who would like to develop their ability as performers in the areas of song and dance.  Australia has a proud history of developing talented individuals who ply their trade on the international stage in the entertainment industry.  If there is a part of you who likes to sing and dance, this unit is designed for you!


You are able to focus on different craftsmanship an artist would use when drawing with pencil, to painting with a paintbrush, to sewing a plush toy and when creating a clay sculpture. You will explore the use of line when drawing a self-portrait and when creating a one-point perspective drawing of a city. You will explore Kinetic Art techniques when producing Optical Illusion artwork. You can enhance your understanding of watercolour painting skills and understand the Colour Theory when painting landscapes and abstract collage. You can learn to join, mould and design a Greek style vessel made out of clay. You will explore the process of under-glazing to a final touch to your finished product. You can explore the ‘Day of the Dead’ celebration and the qualities of textiles when planning and developing your sugar skull plush toy, and experiment with various sewing techniques. Construction in this subject will give you opportunities to explore the many works of installation artists and demonstrate knowledge of the principles of art, colour, shape and pattern through a relief sculpture.


Wood Technology students will be introduced to investigating, producing and evaluating using a range of different types of wood. The students will explore and demonstrate safe working practices when working with a range of hand tools, machines and equipment, to produce unique personalised projects. They will analyse, evaluate and self-assess their work by writing reflections, on what went well and areas for improvement in their project. Students will gain an understanding of the different hand tools, their uses, the different wood technology machines, different types of wood and their characteristics.