Years Three to Six

Baden Powell College implements a consistent approach to reading by utilising an instructional framework. The framework aims to improve students reading comprehension by engaging students in purposeful learning within small and whole group situations. During reading, students are exposed to a range of text including to persuade, inform and entertain. Teachers and students develop suitable individual goals together, that students aim to reach through sustained daily reading at school and home. Within the instructional framework, tasks are designed to develop students’ fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, word knowledge and a love for reading.


In writing, students are encouraged to foster a passion for writing.  Through explicit teaching of the writing process, students create fiction and non-fiction texts with a clear understanding of ‘writing to persuade, inform and entertain’.  Coupled with the purpose of writing, lessons are structured for students to develop their craft as a writer.  Students will be able to identify the purpose, structure, and textual/language features of the different text types.

The curriculum delivered in Numeracy across years three to six, is focused on the consolidation of student’s ideas, knowledge, and skills.  Through daily practice their understanding, fluency and reasoning skills are developed and refined. Students develop more sophisticated strategies to solve problems in familiar and unfamiliar situations. Students are supported to justify and articulate their thinking. The application of these skills and understanding are further enhanced as students explore how maths is applied in real-life context. Lessons are developed that will enable students to recognise how mathematics such as measurement, geometry, and statistics links to their everyday life.