Years Prep to Two

Baden Powell College implements a consistent approach to learning across P-9 through applying a whole school instructional model across all areas of the curriculum. We consider student engagement and voice an important aspect of our curriculum development and delivery, ensuring our students are connected with their learning.

Years Prep to Two at Baden Powell College begins with students undertaking a smooth transition from kindergarten. Our BPC ‘Transition to School Program’ begins in Term 4 of the student’s kindergarten year. To ensure a ‘Quality Beginning’ at BPC, we engage our students in opportunities that promote positive social interactions and introduce learning tasks in a non-threatening way to enable students to become familiar with school routines and expectations.


Literacy in years prep to two at Baden Powell College introduces students to reading and writing through a variety of text types. Through a range of learning opportunities students can build confidence and are encouraged to begin building a bank of literacy strategies, concepts and skills that they will continue to draw upon.  With daily access and exposure to high quality mentor texts, well-resourced classroom libraries, digital subscriptions and resources students are inspired and encouraged to foster an interest and passion for reading and writing. Through language experiences and the explicit teaching of letter sounds, letter formation and the foundations of punctuation and writing structures, students generate ideas and write fiction and non-fiction texts that inform, entertain, and persuade. During 1:1 teacher-led conferences, teachers develop individual reading and writing goals that students then work towards achieving throughout explicit teaching time, teacher-led focus groups and independent sustained daily reading and writing.

Numeracy in the years prep to two at Baden Powell College is focused on building a strong foundation of mathematical concepts and developing student understanding through daily exposure and practice.  Across the areas of number, measurement, geometry, statistics & probability, students engage in explicit teaching of numeracy concepts while also working with concrete materials to consolidate numeracy skills.  Students are given opportunities to work individually, collaboratively with peers and in teacher-led focus groups to explore, record and share their mathematical thinking.


The Early Years lays a solid foundation of developing the academic needs of our students and the development of their social and emotional needs as they become increasingly active participants in school life at Baden Powell College.