Student Absences

How to Enter Your Child’s Absence on Compass

It will take you about two minutes to learn how to enter a past, present or future absence on Compass. It will then take you about thirty seconds to do it the next time you need to do it – faster than writing a note in your child’s diary, or calling the office to tell them.

Once you log in to Compass, click on the profile link. If there are any unexplained absences, you are able to click: 

Then click on the attendance tab.

Next you need to click on the “Notes/Approvals” tab and then the “Add Note Approval” tab.

Now you need to select a “Reason” from the drop down options and ensure that the dates you enter are correct.  If your child will be absent for the whole day, the date is the day they are absent and the preset times of 8:00am to 5:00pm are fine. You are also able to enter specific times. This is if you need to take you child to an appointment for part of a day.

If you have any difficulty, please speak to your child’s teacher or contact our friendly office staff.